Tukwilla Drainage problems

Tukwilla Drainage problems

A new client was in recent need of repairing drainage issues within the parking lot of their industrial complex. The client found our information online and gave us a call. We scheduled a time to visit the parking lot and inspect these drainage issues.

We arrived to the parking lot soon after a rainfall and immediately noticed the number of pools that had accumulated throughout the parking lot. The client explained to us that after any consistent amount of rain, these large puddles of standing water would be the lasting result. We thoroughly inspected the parking lot and discovered that the typical milling repair was not going to do the trick with this one. Typically, we can mill the top layer of the parking lot to repair the drainage issues, but, unfortunately, that was not an option here. We notified the owner of the industrial complex that a new drainage system needed to be installed in order to prevent these pools of water from continuing to form. 

The client understood the need for this drainage system and asked to move forward with the installation and repairs. We were able to solve the drainage issues and complete the job three days ahead of schedule! The client was ecstatic that their parking lot had finally returned to 100% functionality sooner than expected.