Parking Lot Striping

Over time, weather and wear will slowly deteriorate the professional striping of your asphalt parking lot. Maintaining the professional and organized Aesthetic of your parking lot is important, but can be hard to do year after year.

If you have an outdoor asphalt parking lot, it is vital to get your curbs and lines re-striped every 2-4 years. This will ensure a clean and crisp-looking parking lot. At Pacific Pavement Protection, we’ve got the perfect combination of hands-on experience and top of the line materials to re-stripe your outdoor parking lot. Our team of asphalt professionals will get the job done effectively and efficiently for a long-lasting finish.

At p3, we recognize how important your asphalt parking lot is to your business, complex, or organization. When customers, tenants, and visitors are unable to utilize your parking lot, it can negatively impact your company. At Pacific Pavement Protection, we’ll make sure your parking lot will still be partially accessible during re-striping, so you won’t suffer any loss of business.

If you are looking to restripe your asphalt parking lot, give us a call today! Pacific Pavement Protection is the asphalt company that you can rely on.