Sealcoating Project in Everett

Sealcoating Project in Everett

At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. we are proud to be a top asphalt contractor in Everett. We received a request for an estimate earlier in the week. A client of many years was overdue for sealcoating on his local businesses parking lot. We recommend sealcoating a parking lot every 3 to 4 years in order to properly maintain its structural integrity. After speaking with the client, we determined that we would also need to bring materials to seal some minor cracks.

We arrived at the client’s location a few days later, to provide an estimate of the entire scope of the job. We outlined the timeline as well as the costs included in order to complete the job. Our customer was happy to know that we would be able to complete the job that week and bring his parking lot back to life. We agreed to the terms of the project and scheduled the start date.

Sealcoating a parking lot is an extremely cost-effective option for parking lot maintenance. It helps to reduce the oxidization of the asphalt, which in turn, keeps it from looking aged, dry, and faded. It also helps to keep external objects, materials, and liquids from entering the asphalt layer. By the time we had completed the project, his parking lot looked brand new and had a revitalized structure. We reminded our client to make sure to perform proper parking lot maintenance, in order to prolong the life of the lot and his investment.

The business owner was very happy to know that his new parking lot would be providing a great first impression for customers in no time. He noted that he would be contacting us for future parking lot maintenance and parking lot repair jobs. After a final handshake, our team of asphalt professionals headed back to the shop.