Sealcoating Job in Woodinville

Sealcoating Job in Woodinville

Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. has long been a staple in the asphalt industry in Woodinville, Washington. For over 25 years, Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. has been a top asphalt contractor in Woodinville. Our crew takes pride in our consistent dedication to our clients. Whether a customer needs an asphalt patch or a new parking lot installation, we are the trusted paving contractor. Contact us today with any of your asphalt paving needs.

We received an inquiry recently from a local business owner. The business owner was looking for parking lot sealcoating in Woodinville. We had previously worked with the business owner, providing a new parking lot installation. While it was a number of years ago, we remember him well. He told us that it was time for his scheduled parking lot maintenance. As we checked our records, it had been approximately three years. We were happy to know he took our asphalt maintenance tips seriously. We scheduled to visit the store later that week to provide an in depth evaluation. This would allow us to provide the client with an accurate quote.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the store owner. We chatted for a bit before diving into the asphalt surface evaluation. It appeared that he had done an excellent job of asphalt maintenance. The asphalt surface was slightly faded, but there were no severe cracks or potholes. We told the client that we would be able to restore his parking lot with a simple sealcoating job.

We always recommend sealcoating your asphalt surface every couple of years. This provides an important layer of protection against foreign materials such as water, oil, or other hazardous chemicals.

The sealcoating job only took a single day and we completed it without any problems. The client was very pleased with our work.