RePave of an apartment complex

RePave of an apartment complex

Because of our reputation in the Seattle-Tacoma area, we have accrued many long-term clients. One of our lifelong clients in SeaTac, WA recently contacted our office to see if we would repair their asphalt parking lot. The client was a property management company who was looking to convert an apartment complex into condominiums. Part of this conversion included exterior repairs which is why the client contacted us.

We arrived on site to plan the repairs when we noticed the parking lot was brittle and deteriorated. When a parking lot is in this condition, it is better to repave than repair. We suggested to the property manager that we perform a repave of the parking lot. We formulated a quote to rip out the obsolete asphalt in the parking lot to replace with new asphalt pavement. 

The property management company had to approve our quote in their budget before the repaving could begin, but we were finally able to schedule the job. We completed the repave for the condominium project, and our lasting client loved the result, saying, “We are so happy with the result of the parking lot. Pacific Pavement Protection is our ‘go-to’ paving company!”