Repair of a Parking lot in Kirkland.

Repair of a Parking lot in Kirkland.

A new client in Kirkland, WA recently called our office requesting a quote to seal numerous cracks and fill potholes throughout their asphalt parking lot. We devised a quote for the repairs they needed. Because this was a new client who had found us online, we made sure to prove they had made the best choice in pavement companies for the job. 

The client agreed to the quoted cost and we arrived to the job site. We began patching the potholes and sealing the many large cracks throughout the parking lot. This project entailed standard asphalt repair within a small area, so we were able to knock the job out within a day.

When the job was complete, the client was shocked at our ability to provide a quality result within a day. Our client thanked us for our efficiency to provide exactly what they needed without cutting any corners. 

Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc was founded in 2004 and is located in Seattle, Washington. Before establishing its roots in Seattle, the foundation for Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc was laid in the many years prior. Hard work and perseverance is what makes Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc the top asphalt and parking lot company it is known for today. Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc provides full paving services, as well as asphalt and concrete maintenance and repair.