Parking Lot Paving for Kent Business Owner

Parking Lot Paving for Kent Business Owner

At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. we take pride in our asphalt paving services. That is why we have continued to be a top asphalt contractor in Kent.  We have continued to deliver the best asphalt and concrete services for over 25 years. 

We recently received a call from a customer looking for parking lot paving in Kent. We were very happy to speak with the customer and learn about the new store that they were opening. It was a local business that we had never heard of, but we were very eager to help. They explained that they were in need of a small, but effective parking lot. We assured them that we were the right asphalt company for the job. After gathering the necessary details, we planned to visit the site the following week.

After arriving at the location, we began to evaluate the property. It was clear that this was going to require new parking lot installation. The location for the parking lot was relatively flat and would provide a solid base. We knew we would need to begin with excavation and material removal so that we could establish the proper grade. After that, we followed with the aggregate base material, which we installed and compacted to meet the correct depth.  Finally, we added a layer of sealant in order to seal coat the entire parking lot and provide it with extra protection.  Our last job was to stripe the entire parking lot so that customers would know where to park.  By the time we were done, we had successfully created 2 more parking spaces than planned.

The client was very happy with our hard work and diligence in the project. At the end of the project, we gave her some tips and tricks for proper asphalt maintenance and were on our way. She was happy that she chose the best asphalt company in Kent.