New Striping of a Shopping Mall parking lot – Burien, WA

New Striping of a Shopping Mall parking lot – Burien, WA

Our clients are both new and long-term. We were recently contacted by the owner of a shopping mall who needed his parking lot restriped. As this was a new client, we scheduled a visit to inspect the condition of the parking lot. Upon arrival, we noticed the parking lot had gone years without proper maintenance. There were large, visible cracks that required immediate attention.

We walked the premise of the parking lot with the owner and pointed out each area of damage that needed immediate attention, as well as areas of vulnerability that would eventually need repair. The owner appreciated the time we spent combing over every detail of the parking lot and agreed to repair these areas at the same time.

Our crew conducted the repairs of the parking lot by filling cracks, sealcoating the surface, and restriping the lines. At the completion of the project, the client was elated with the result of the repairs. Because he knew we had saved him money with these repairs, he was adamant to make sure we knew how much he appreciated our attentiveness to inspecting the parking lot to perform these lasting repairs.