New Sealcoat for a Parking surface in Renton

New Sealcoat for a Parking surface in Renton

A local business owner in Renton, WA called our office to request a quote to repair his asphalt parking lot. He needed the asphalt sealcoated and the lines restriped within the parking lot, so we sent our foreman to the site to perform an inspection to develop a quote. 

The client had used another company in the area to perform the original repairs, but the repairs were not done adequately. We made sure the client knew that the job would be done beyond his satisfaction by choosing us. Immediately after presenting the business owner with the quote, the client accepted the estimate we provided and we were onsite within the week. 

The client had done a wonderful job in prioritizing the need for parking lot maintenance. Routine parking lot maintenance through sealcoating and patching will increase the longevity of your surface which reduces the need for large repaving jobs. We were able to quickly sealcoat and restripe the lines in the parking lot before the back-to-school customer rush in the shopping center began. The client was thrilled with our ability to provide prompt, quality service to fit the client’s desired deadline.