Local Store Needs Parking Lot Paving

Local Store Needs Parking Lot Paving

Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. has been the trusted name in asphalt paving in Olympia for more than 25 years. With over two and a half decades of experience, we have set the standard for customer service and asphalt products. Whether you are looking for commercial paving services or asphalt repair, Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. is the asphalt company you can depend on.

Our team recently performed parking lot paving in Olympia. We were contacted by a local property owner who was looking to repave their outdoor shopping area. The asphalt had worn down over the years due to natural occurrences and needed to be fixed. We told the owner that we would be very happy to help with parking lot paving services.  We scheduled a date, went to evaluate the property, and provided an estimate. The property owner was very pleased with our diligence and fair pricing, and we agreed on terms.

We arrived on schedule to begin the parking lot paving. We knew exactly the service that was required. The parking lot was in need of a pavement overlay. A pavement overlay is an application of a new layer of bituminous paving that is laid directly on top of the existing surface. This is done in order to revitalize the current asphalt surface. By performing a pavement overlay, we were able to provide some much needed structural capacity to the parking lot, as well as giving it a brand new look. By the completion of the project, the client was very pleased with our work.

At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. we continue to make hard work and dedication a priority. It has helped us to remain as one of the best asphalt companies in Olympia for many years. If you have any asphalt or concrete needs in Washington, give us a call today!