La Quinta ADA Upgrade. 2017 project

Challenge Presented:

  1. A trip and fall was reported at this location and became the item of a lawsuit for the Hotel.
  2. Quick resolution was needed to reduce the trip hazard of the outdated ADA ramps, stalls and approaches

Solution suggested by P3:

  1. We talked with the customer to get an understanding of what would satisfy the terms of the lawsuit, and for the safety of future visitors to the hotel.
  2. We suggested stall upgrades, concrete removal to replace with proper slopes, and a hand rail to protect the walkway to the new stalls for all visitors to the hotel.

Results of repairs completed by P3:

  1. We did a transit survey of the areas to make sure we were addressing all of the slopes that needed to be corrected.
  2. We made a set of plans and submitted them for review of the attorney involved in the lawsuit.
  3. Once approved, we removed all of the concrete and some of the asphalt to prepare for all new transitions.
  4. We then poured new concrete, and after letting it cure for 3 days we paved the new asphalt transitions.
  5. We then installed the new Custom make stainless steel hand rail and all the new striping and handicap signage that is now up to current codes.