Everett Plaza: Everett WA, Complete Renovation Project- $600K project, 2017 project

Challenge Presented:

  1. 30 year old parking lot with 75% failure of asphalt from alligatoring and tree root damage
  2. Customer wanted to do a total rehab, with new dumpster pads, utilities, drainage work, carports and curbs, remove planter islands for additional parking, sidewalk repairs and repave the entire parking lot.

Solution suggested by P3:

  1. Spend 3 months planning out the project and acquiring all the necessary permits.
  2. Clear the entire parking lot to remove all of the curbing, planter islands, old dumpster enclosures, carports, carport post pads,and sidewalks to be repaired.
  3. Fill in all post pad holes from carports, compact and pave. Install new sidwalks where removed. Pour out all new dumpster pads. Demolition area for the foundation and dig trench for electrical for new maintenance building. Rock back all planter islands removed for new parking areas. Pour main “under asphalt” dumpster pad under truck sitting area for largest dumpster. Work with fencing company to coordinate new dumpster enclosures. Repave entire parking lot. Sealcoat entire new parking lot before installing final curbing and striping.

Results of repairs completed by P3:

  1. Completely rehabbed parking that totally changed the look of this community. Built from the ground up as it should have been done. This renovation was a $600K project, but brought new life, and value to this property for years to come.