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For over 25 years, Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. has been the trusted asphalt contractor in Tacoma. Our crew has helped to deliver premier paving services in Washington for over two decades. Our experience is second to none and is apparent in our excellent customer service and craftsmanship. If you are looking for asphalt or concrete services, we are the asphalt company for you. Give us a call today!

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Tacoma, WA

Tacoma is a urban port city that is located in the U.S. state of Washington. It is the county seat for Pierce County, and lies near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Tacoma lies on Washington’s famous Puget Sound and is located approximately 32 miles from Seattle, Washington. It is also only 31 miles from Olympia, the state capital of Washington, and 58 miles from Mount Rainier National Park. The name Tacoma comes from the original name for Mount Rainier, which was Takhoma or Tahoma.

The city of Tacoma is rich with natural beauty and outdoor recreation. Like many cities in the region, there are a number of prominent parks that account for substantial resident recreation. The parks in the area are run by Metro Parks Tacoma. Some of the most well-known parks and attractions in the area are Owen Beach, Fort Nisqually, The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, and Wright Park. All of which have become extremely popular locations for visitors of Tacoma.

Tacoma is also known for having a number of historic landmarks in its city limits. There are 165 individual city landmark and more than 1,000 historic properties. A few cool historic places to visit are Engine House No. 9 which was a fire station built in 1907. There is also a colonial style revival home that belonged to William Ross Rust, which was built in 1905.

As a city, Tacoma offers a number of exciting outdoor activities, historical landmarks, and interesting places to visit. At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. we are happy to consistently provide the best asphalt paving services to Tacoma and all of its residents.

Learn About A Recent Asphalt Project in Tacoma!

Sealcoating for Local Tacoma Business

At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. we have over 25 years of experience providing asphalt paving services in Tacoma. We have remained a premier asphalt contractor in Tacoma because of our dedication to customer service and hard work. 

Our crew recently performed a job in Tacoma.  We received a call from a client who was looking for sealcoating services. They had a local business whose parking lot needed to be sealed. The client explained to us that while their parking lot was in good shape, they were due for asphalt maintenance. At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. we recommend applying a layer of sealant to your entire lot, once every two to three years. 

We arrived at the site of the job to perform an evaluation. We needed to examine the dimensions of the parking lot, as well as the overall condition. We choose to do this before each job to ensure that we are able to provide our customer with the best possible quote. Our team also does this in order to ensure that our client receives any and all necessary asphalt repair and asphalt maintenance

On this job, the client had done an excellent job maintaining the overall quality and structure of their parking lot. The asphalt paving surface was still in excellent condition. This made it easy for our crew to evaluate. After determining that sealcoating was the only required asphalt maintenance needed, we set a date to begin. With sealcoating, the sealant takes time to completely dry before the asphalt surface can be utilized. We made the client aware of that, and she was happy to oblige. By the end of the paving project, the client had a very aesthetic, and newly protected parking lot. She was happy to have contacted one of the top asphalt companies in Tacoma.