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New Customer Needs Asphalt Repair in Redmond

A new customer contacted us in need of Asphalt Repair in Redmond. The client was a residential property manager, who managed a multi-family location. She explained to us that over time, her tenant’s parking lot had experienced significant wear and tear. From this wear and tear, a number of large cracks had formed, and potholes were starting to appear. We assured her that we were the right company to get the job done. We visited her property later that week to provide a free estimate.

After arriving at the job location, we noticed that the property manager was right. There was severe alligator cracking through most of the lot, as well as a number of potholes at a beginning stage. We developed an estimate for the timeline and budget involved and agreed to perform the job the following week.

After we finished fixing the potholes, sealing the cracks, and re-sealing the parking lot, we spoke again with the property manager. We reminded her that it is vital to regularly repair and maintain a parking lot to make sure it stays fresh looking, strong, and vibrant. She was very pleased with the work that we had performed, and let us know that she would be coming back to us for future repairs and maintenance.

Re-Striping for Long Time Customer

A customer of many years called in requesting an estimate for line striping of his parking lot in Seattle. A few years back we had completed a parking lot paving project for his businesses location. We were quite familiar with the customer, as well as what the scope of the project would be. We recommend that our customers re-stripe their lots every 2-4 years in order to keep it clean, and crisp-looking. We understood that this had to be handled in a way that wouldn’t create any loss of business.

We visited the parking lot the following day to determine the exact needs of the parking lot, and what the project would entail. After speaking with the customer, we scheduled the project for the following week. We explained that we would keep the parking lot partially accessible during the re-striping so that he did not suffer any loss of business. The customer was pleased with the timeline and costs of the project.

When we arrived on site the following week, our team was ready to go. We maintained an open area for customer parking at all times during the project. We believe that the customer’s needs come first, and did not want to hinder the businesses accessibility for customers. By the end of the project, our client had a fresh parking lot for his customers to utilize.