Bellevue Parking Lot Paving

Bellevue Parking Lot Paving

At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. we have been a proud provider of asphalt paving services in Bellevue, Washington for many years. We pride ourselves on our continued dedication to customer service, dedication, and craftsmanship. As a top asphalt contractor in Bellevue, we have set the industry standard for these core components. Whether you are looking for crack sealing, a new parking lot installation, or something in between, Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. is the asphalt company that you can depend on.

Our team recently received an online quote request from a local store that was looking for parking lot paving in Bellevue. The store manager contacted us with interest in parking lot paving services. Their store was undergoing some renovations, part of which included asphalt parking lot paving. After gathering the necessary information we scheduled to visit the parking lot the following week.

One of our asphalt professionals arrived at the store the following week in order to evaluate the condition of the current asphalt surface, and provide a thorough examination of the parking lot surface. After determining that the asphalt surface had numerous cracks, and was fading substantially, we determined that an asphalt overlay would be the best course of action. We gathered measurements for the lot and finally provided the manager with a quote for the parking lot paving project. He was very happy with the exceptional scheduling, and fair pricing associated with the project. We agreed to get started the next week, approximately two weeks after initial contact.

The project went extremely well and we were able to perform all of our services without any problems. We began with an asphalt overlay, providing brand new parking lot paving. We followed it with sealcoating and finally a complete restripe of the parking lot. By the time we completed the commercial paving project, the parking lot looked brand new!