Asphalt Patching Project in Bothell

Asphalt Patching Project in Bothell

At Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. the customer remains our top priority. For many years, we have been a top asphalt contractor in Bothell. In that time, we have made it our objective to deliver top of the line paving services on every project. With a variety of expertise ranging from parking lot paving to commercial paving to asphalt maintenance, Pacific Pavement Protection has you covered. Give us a call to learn more about our asphalt paving services in Bothell.

Our team was recently contacted by a local church. The pastor who contacted us was looking for asphalt patching in Bothell. We spoke at length with the pastor about the issues that he was seeing with his asphalt parking lot. He explained to us that there was an area that had experienced bad cracking. He said that he was concerned for the safety of churchgoers and their vehicles. He also wanted to ensure the longevity of the asphalt surface. We assured him he had contacted the best asphalt company in Bothell. We scheduled to visit the job site later that week to provide a quote.

One of our asphalt experts visited the church in order to examine the problem area and determine the best course of action. After arriving at the site, it appeared that there was severe alligator cracking in one localized area. Since only a spot treatment was necessary, we recommended asphalt patching. Proper asphalt patching addresses a damaged area of asphalt and restores it to functionality. It is one of the most cost-effective and timely forms of asphalt repair.

The client was very happy with our asphalt patch work at the completion of the project. He felt relieved that visitors of the church could utilize the parking lot without risk of injury or vehicular damage. He thanked us for our hard work on the asphalt patching in Bothell, and our crew headed back to the shop.