Asphalt Maintenance in Auburn

Asphalt Maintenance in Auburn

Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. has been an industry leader for asphalt contractors in Auburn, Washington for many years. Our experience in the industry allows us to provide a wide array of high-quality services to our clients. From asphalt repair to parking lot installation to sealcoating, our team of asphalt professionals can do it all. Make sure to contact us today to get a free quote from an asphalt company that you can trust!

We received a phone call recently from a local resident. She was looking for parking lot maintenance in Auburn. After asking some initial questions, it became clear that the resident was looking for sealcoating and restriping of her parking lot. As a local store owner, she wanted to make sure that her asphalt parking lot was well serviced, and that her investment was protected. As a premier asphalt maintenance provider in Auburn, we assured her that we would be able to handle her parking lot maintenance job. We scheduled to send an asphalt expert to her parking lot in order to examine the status of the asphalt.

After arriving at the job site, we were able to quickly see that the asphalt surface needed maintenance. The parking lot surface was fading and the customers parking spaces were difficult to see. We quoted the store owner for sealcoating and restriping and she was happy to see that we had fair pricing and a fast schedule to complete the job. We set to begin work later that week.

We always recommend utilizing sealcoating for all parking lot maintenance and commercial paving projects. The sealant will provide a much-needed layer of protection for the asphalt. It also gives the asphalt surface a strong, fresh aesthetic that is pleasing to view. After we had completed the sealcoating, we restriped the parking lot to the wishes of the store owner. She was very happy when we were able to create an extra parking spot for her customers to use.