Arlington Asphalt Maintenance Project

Arlington Asphalt Maintenance Project

Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. is proud to be a premier asphalt company serving Arlington, Washington for more than 25 years. Over the past two and a half decades we have delivered the best customer service and professionalism in the industry. Whatever asphalt paving services you need, Pacific Pavement Protection, Inc. is the asphalt contractor that you can depend on.

Our team recently received a call from a local property manager looking for parking lot maintenance in Arlington. They explained to us that their apartment complex parking lot was in need of asphalt maintenance. They described the asphalt as faded, brittle, and cracking. We agreed to meet at their complex to examine the asphalt and provide them with a complimentary quote.

Upon arrival at the apartment complex, it was apparent that the asphalt surface was in need of asphalt maintenance. We evaluated the entirety of the parking lot before providing the quote. We wanted to make sure that our parking lot maintenance quote was thorough and covered the entire scope of the project. After reviewing the quote, the property manager was happy with the schedule and pricing. We agreed to begin work the following week.

We arrived promptly the following week to begin work. Our team quickly got to work crack sealing the many cracks in the parking lot. We followed this by sealcoating the entire asphalt surface. We recommend sealcoating any asphalt surface as one of the best preventative maintenance services. It helps to reduce the risk of penetration by foreign objects and harmful liquids such as water, oil, and hazardous chemicals. Finally, we restriped the parking lot for the residents of the complex. We were able to add an extra parking space by expertly planning the restripe. At the completion of the parking lot maintenance project, the property manager was very pleased with our work.