Asphalt Repair


Repairing asphalt is pivotal to maintaining a parking lot. Repairs can be done comprehensively or more on the minimal side, depending on time the property is being held by its current ownership or management, and based on the overall condition of the parking lot. Many owners choose to fix the asphalt minimally, to leave funding available to seal and stripe the lot – which helps give the parking lot a “new look” across the whole surface rather than just patching a few failed areas.

Deferred repairs, like many other forms of maintenance can cost more to fix when they are not fixed properly or comprehensively.  At P3, you'll get our patented 4 Option Bid and related warranties for varying scopes of work and packages that give the owner or managers the ability to choose for aesthetics over structure.  We also have a warranty that helps the ownership, or management match up costs and scopes of work with related warranties, to allow the maximization of scope, budget and warranty.

Concrete Repair


Concrete repair has grown over the last 10 years.  Concrete is not as flexible as asphalt.  Concrete will raise, and crack under tree root intrusions, where asphalt will bend and buckle.  P3 often performs concrete sidewalk, aprons, wall, and dumpster enclosure repairs along with the parking lot projects. 

P3 also does a large volume of pressure washing and clear sealing of concrete. Pressure washing cleans up the surface, and clear sealing protects the new surface.  We use a non-skid clear sealant that provides long lasting protection and sealant of the surface. 


People of Washington know one thing for certain: our weather has a mind of its own! Due to the unpredictable and extreme conditions we experience, regular parking lot striping is required to maintain an organized, professional appearance. We generally recommend outdoor parking lots and curbs be re-striped every 2-4 years.

Pacific Pavement Protection has years of experience keeping parking lots partially accessible while they are worked on and we use top-of-the-line materials that insure a long-lasting finish.


Preserving the appearance and structural quality of asphalt is very important. As asphalt is exposed to the air and the sun, it begins to oxidize, weakening the "elasticity" of the pavement and causing the dry, gray appearance to become more pronounced. Sealcoating your parking lot every 3-4 years will enhance it's visual aesthetic and strengthen the binding properties of the asphalt.

We have over a decade of experience sealing asphalt structures of various sizes.

Pressure Washing

P3 Provides an extensive level of cleaning options on our parking lot packages.  The parking lot industry does not like to clean parking lots very well as a whole.  The main money is made by most parking lot contractors from patching and sealing, so a low profit margin service such as pressure washing is often not sold (or even offered).  In our option based bid system, proper cleaning is always provided and helps to extend the warranty period for our work. 

We find it interesting that nearly everyone knows that a building needs to be pressure washed before it is painted, to prevent peeling and adhesion problems, but our industry sells parking lots with “wire brooming and blowing” of the surface as “the” standard method of cleaning before applying a sealant.  The very nature of our wet climate and avid moss growth, generally requires a higher level of cleaning to maintain a longer than averages standard industry warranty of one year.  If a contractor says that pressure washing damages the surface, it is because of two reasons: they don’t provide the surface, or they don’t have the ability or equipment to do that kind of work.  A seal coat applied to a pressure washed surface (when pressure washed properly) will last twice as long as non-pressure washed surface (assuming the product is applied properly).